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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage can be difficult to define. Cultural heritage is based on aspects of our past. Cultural heritage includes folklore, folk-life, the Irish language and genealogy.  These elements reflect our history, and can evoke special meaning for us as individuals or as members of a community. Cultural heritage forms our individual, local and national identities. It shapes relationship with our neighbours and with other communities.

Cavan people maintain a strong sense of their own cultural identity.
We have great pride in our county, our towns, villages, parishes and townlands.

Placenames Committee

Cavan County Council Heritage Office has established a Placenames Committee which ensures that the naming of new residential developments reflect local place names and local people of historical significance, heritage, language or topographical features as appropriate. They also encourage the use of old and Irish place names from the locality. The use of bi-lingual or Irish- language signs are encouraged. Naming of residential estates should be approved in advance by the Planning Authority. The final decision is made by the ‘Place Names Committee’.



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